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Mobility for the Traveler .


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Roam Mobility is a new Canadian mobility company that specializes in products and services for the traveler. Roam removes international telephone boundaries so people can travel freely, without the burden of enormous mobility bills when they return home.

What We Did
  • Concept Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Design
What Roam Does

Believing in Liberty.

For people who want to stay in touch with what’s important, Roam Mobility is the talk, text and data company that offers the greatest freedom. Roam Mobility’s brand is authentic, innovative, and brave. By developing a creative, courageous, and innovative brand, and these qualities have helped them become Canada’s leading provider of talk, text, and data for travel in the US.

External Credits

Brand Strategy: Chris Neary, Frank Advertising
Designers: Siong Chin Chang
Logotype: Industrial Brand