A Sense Of Occasion

When life is lived well. Everything Fits.


Modern Classic Men’s Fashion.

Indochino are a modern classic fashion brand with distinct character. They create contemporary clothes with classically acknowledged style principles. Indochino makes custom garments for each individual customer using high quality fabrics and production techniques, and have disrupted the fashion industry by democratizing access to premium clothing.

What We Did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Positioning
  • Concept Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Photography Direction
  • Scenario Direction
Elegant clothing for modern men

Life Essentials.

When a man looks effortlessly sharp, the authenticity is very striking and attractive. It suggests character, confidence and sincerity. This ‘humble sophistication’ is a characteristic of highly evolved people. We show modern men displaying humble sophistication in regular (fond) scenarios like dinner with friends, laughter over coffee, or getting a haircut.

External Credits

Brand Strategy: Chris Neary, Frank Advertising
Photography: Todd Anthony Tyler
Graphic Design: Indochino Design Team